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A great whiskey, like a great story, is meant to be shared.

Our Story

A great whiskey, like a great story, is meant to be shared.
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At Laws Whiskey House our whiskey is our story.

Policies West Theatre - But exactly what is a whiskey house? To us it’s a place dedicated to whiskey, a temple of sorts, a place to come and explore your passion for whiskey. Make no mistake about it, Laws Whiskey House is a distillery, but more than that it is where we can educate and share everything we know and love about whiskey. Our commitment to education is such a core part of our vision that the simple term “distillery” did not do it justice.

That is our story. And one taste will tell you there’s not an ounce of fiction in it.

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Welcome to the distillery. This is where all the magic happens. We are centrally located in Denver Colorado at 1420 S. Acoma.  From our home here in the historic Gates Neighborhood we take an obsessive, hands-on approach to every aspect of whiskey production.

Policies West Theatre - It’s here where we mill our grains, combine them and cook them to create an incredibly complex sour mash. Here the mash is open-air fermented for four days. We then distill it in a four plate pot/column still custom made just for us by Vendome Copper Works. From there the whiskey makes its way to full sized American White Oak barrels, where it’s aged a minimum of two years.

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We live by a few simple rules, call them our our mantra.

Craft over commodity. Quality over quantity. Whiskey above all.®

If we had to add a fourth (and we do…) it would be “There are no shortcuts”. These principles appear on the walls of our distillery. They guide every decision that we make.

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Just as important as our commitment to making the best whiskey, is our commitment to our customers. We believe and are founded in transparency, integrity, and honesty. If you can’t trust us how can you trust what’s in the bottle? We are an integrity-based distillery providing ethically-made high quality whiskey.

We’re eager to share that which we are so proud of, our whiskey, made in Colorado, with a character that can be appreciated by urban pioneers and high country people alike.


First is our commitment to making a no compromise whiskey. Every step of production is carried out in-house.

We start with grain from family-owned Colorado Malting Company out of Alamosa, Colorado and corn from Whiskey Sisters Supply in Burlington, Colorado. We believe that the only way to make a great whiskey, one with balance and character is using the traditional, and far more intensive method of open-air fermentation.

The next step is aging the whiskey. Ours is aged in 53 gallon charred American White Oak barrels which we source from Independent Stave Company in southern Missouri.

Policies West Theatre - Unlike distilleries in Kentucky, where the whiskey goes to sleep during the winter months, ours ages year round. That’s because our mountain climate is always active with changes in temperature and air pressure. So as our spirit ages, the magic of time, charred oak planks and high mountain air transform it into a rich, complex, spicy, Straight American four grain bourbon.

Finally, we utilize the most developed piece of technology we know of to determine the optimal release date of the batch: our own palates.


Policies West Theatre - While whiskey may be an acquired taste some whiskeys acquire more taste than others. That’s all down to how it’s made.

Al Laws, founder of Laws Whiskey House, didn’t set out to create another quick-to-market, mass-produced spirit. He doesn’t believe in shortcuts.  In his words, “Shortcuts” remove time from the process, and time is one of our critical ingredients.”

Laws Four Grain Straight Bourbon is honest whiskey. There are five ingredients; water, grain, yeast, oak barrels, and time. If you are truly committed to making great whiskey, that’s all it takes.

Policies West Theatre - There are a lot of whiskeys out there, fewer Bourbons, and fewer still, four grain bourbons. So what sets this particular whiskey apart?

Al Laws, Founder

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A four grain Bourbon must follow all the rules of a Bourbon, but it contains all three typical flavor grains that accentuate the corn base: barley, wheat and rye. To achieve such an uncommon expression of bourbon takes skill. These four “American mother grains” are painstakingly combined in exacting ratio in our cooker coming together to create a highly complex and flavorful whiskey.  The results showcase the flavor of each grain without compromising balance.

We slowly distill our four grain sour mash to coax out the delicate spirit. Whiskey with this level of character can only be made by hand. Again, no shortcuts. Yes, Four Grain Straight Bourbon is a more difficult whiskey to make, but it is well worth it.

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Contact Us

To take a tour our of whiskey house, learn about the art and craft of whiskey making or just to come by and say hello click here. We’d love to meet you and share some stories and just as importantly, share some A.D. Laws Four Grain Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Schedule a Tour

Laws Whiskey House
1420 S Acoma Street
Denver, CO 80223
phone: 720-570-1420

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Wednesday 5:00pm – 9:00pm
Thursday 5:00pm – 9:00pm
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Saturday 1:00pm – 6:30pm
Sunday 2:00pm – 5:00pm

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  We are committed to making the best whiskey possible with no short cuts and no compromises. We craft our whiskey from grain to bottle using 100% American grain, and sourcing from Family Owned Colorado Farms. It may cost a bit more but we think it is the right thing to do.”

– Al Laws

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By law our Straight Whiskey is aged a minimum of two years. Speaking of the law, how old are you?

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